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 Ranks / Promotions

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PostSubject: Ranks / Promotions   Wed Aug 19, 2009 1:28 am

Well i've added more ranks that offer better rewards the higher rank you get so im goin to list them all hear so all you know the more you do for the guild the higher your rank will go. the officers we have as of now are ther because they have done and proved themselves to the guild. For all others here are the ranks-

I will be starting with lowest to highest.

Alts: Basically can just guild listen and speak, mainly because its for peoples alts

Blood Initiate: Guild listen and speak, View bank tabs and deposit things

Blood Member: Guild Listen and speak, View bank tabs and deposit, Withdraw items a day 1

Blood Lieutenant: Same as member accept can withdraw 2 items a day

Blood Sergeant: Guild listen and speak, View and deposit things, withdraw 3 items a day, Invite others ( Recruit )

Blood Captain: Guild listen and speak, View and deposit, withdraw 4 items a day, Invite others, Edit public note, Creat Guild Event, 2g a day towards repairs

Blood officers: Guild listen and speak, Officer listen and speak, View and deposit, withdraw 5 items a day, Invite others, Edite public notes, Edit officers note, Create Guild Events, 5g a day for repairs.

so there they are and as of now this is how it is, they may change all depending on guild funds and how big we get and what not. So if you would like to rise in rank then help with the guild, there are all types of ways to help out the guild. And have fun. Basketball
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PostSubject: nice work...   Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:11 pm

Kerb... I like your system and it has a lot of merit... make sure we have a good way to determine who gets promoted and when, and it will be perfect!
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Ranks / Promotions
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