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 Guild changes

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PostSubject: Guild changes   Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:41 pm

hey all well as the topic said i think im goin to be making some guild changes, this is not to make people nervous or i really hope i dont sound like a demanding prick lol thats not the point the point is to try and still make guild bigger and get people more involved. the main reason is , is we have a good amount of officers and members and some to help out the guild and some just sit back and collect the rewards without pitchin in and helpin out the guild. My whole thing is if we all work together then we could have one of the best guilds in wow and i know we can, so with all that being said some of the new changes soon will be

Promotions, as of now we have the steps of alts, initiates, members, then officers and ofcourse co guild leader and guild leader. I plan on making more steps then just the main 4. As of now initiates well you know there for people who just came to the guild and are in like a test phase, then theres member which can use the guild bank and withdraw from like a reward, then officers which should be helpin out with the recruitin and such and in return can take out of the guild bank alot more then others but there lies the problem. We dont have to many help recruit but are takin advantage of the bank and other perks. so with the new steps or promotions i will be makin there will be more perks other then just usein the bank like taking out gold, or usein the guild bank to repair other then usein your own gold, but only the people who are dedicated and help out the guild wether its just helpin people out, help recruiting and gettin guild bigger and expand, helpin get more people on this website which we all should be usein to our advantage, help setting up guild events, or guild raids or pvp or help people get to know one another. settin up questing partners so u see there tons and tons everyone can be doin just to help out the guild as a whole. Again and like i said if we all worked together we could be one of the best guilds where people just come on and they in a friendly inviroment and theres always somethin goin on. Thank you for your time and i look forward to hangin and workin together with each and everyone of you. If you have anything like opinions or promotion names im all ears, if you would like to post what you will be and want to be doin in the guild post here, post anything you would like about what i have just written here. Thank you again and see you all on game to get stuff done and kick some ass!!!!! Jason
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Guild changes
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