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 Help for beginer DK's

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PostSubject: Help for beginer DK''s   Mon May 18, 2009 1:51 pm

just thought i would post some stuffi find useful about DeathKnights here for everone who wants can read.

Q: How do you create a Death knight?

A: Currently, once you have a level 55 or higher character of any class on your server, you can create a deathknight on your server which will start at level 55. As of the 3.0.8 Patch, once you have a level 55+ character on -any server-, you will be able to create a new deathknight on -any server- as well.

Q: Where do Death Knights start?

A: Death Knights begin at level 55, in an instanced version of Eastern Plaguelands - more specifically, you find yourself awakened in Acherus: The Ebon Hold, which is a necropolis floating above light's hope chapel, similar to Naxxramas.

After the cutscene, you follow a series of questlines both within Acherus, as well as in the plaguelands below; these quests will eventually lead you up to level 58, at which point -after- having finished all of the start quest chains you will be able to leave the Ebon Hold and venture onward into outland.

Blizzard has used a new "phasing" system in the deathknight starting zone for it's quests. What this means is that as you complete specific quests, the world around you changes, and you are only able to interact with players who are in the same phase as you are.

Q: What races can be Death Knights?

A: All races can currently become Death Knights, the lich king doesnt discriminate when picking his warriors.

Q: Does "Hero Class" mean Death Knights will be more powerful than other classes?"

A: No, what signifies the Death Knight as a "Hero Class" are 3 things:
1. You begin at level 55, giving you a head-start on leveling compared to other classes.
2. An abundance of lore and deathknight-specific quests drive the class progression.
3. You earn a set of superior-quality gear as you finish the starting quest chains.

Death Knights are balanced on the same scale as all other classes, and the blizzard developers strive to keep Death Knights as equally strong as other classes as possible.

Q: What types of armor can Death Knights use?

A: Death Knights primarily wear Plate Armor, but are capable of wearing all armor types.

Q: Can Death Knights equip Shields?

A: No, Death Knights were designed to tank without the use of a shield, similarly to Feral Druids.

Q: What types of weapons can Death Knights use?

A: Death knights begin with 175 weapon skill for the following weapon types:
1-Handed Swords
2-Handed Swords
1-Handed Axes
2-Handed Axes

Death Knights are also able to speak with weapon masters in order to learn how to use 1-handed Maces and 2-handed Maces, though both of these weapon skills start at 1 once trained.

Death Knights -CAN- dual wield, though it is a subject of much debate as to whether or not dual wielding is more (or even equally) effective as using 2-handed weapons.

It should be noted that the final quest chain in the Death Knight starting zone currently rewards one of the two following weapons, both of which are 2-handed weapons:

Q: Can Death Knights use Ranged Weapons?

A: No, death knights - like shamans, druids, and paladins - use 'relic' items in their ranged weapon slots. Death Knight relics are called "Sigils", and provide various improvements to abilities and/or stats.

Q: What class roles can Death Knights fulfill?

A: Death Knights can fill both Tanking and DPS roles within a group or raid, but they are not given heals powerful enough to allow healing an instance or raid group.

Q: How will Death Knights tank without a shield?

A: Similarly to Feral Druids, Death Knights have abilities which improve their damage mitigation without the use of a shield. These abilities are listed below: (Available to unholy-spec death knights only) (Available to frost-spec death knights only)

Various other talents within all three trees improve avoidance, damage mitigation, resistances, and health.

Q: What are the Death Knight Talent Trees?

A: Death Knights, contrary to standard class design, are capable of fulfilling both tanking and DPS roles regardless of the talent tree they choose, so long as the proper talents within each tree are chosen to benefit the role the player is trying to fill.

The three Death Knight talent trees are blood, frost, and unholy. Each tree has a unique playstyle, described below:

Blood: The Blood tree focuses almost entirely on melee damage. Many blood abilities and talents also allow the Death Knight to heal himself, either when dealing damage or being attacked. This self-healing has caused Blood to become the preferred 'leveling' spec for most Death Knight players, as it reduces downtime inbetween mobs to almost zero. Blood spec Death Knights are capable of dealing high amounts of melee damage, both burst and sustained, making it a well balanced tree for any situation.

Frost: The frost tree is most clearly defined as the "casting" tree, as most abilities used by frost Death Knights are magic-damage based. Frost is capable of more burst damage than both blood and unholy, making it a popular choice for PvP. Frost also has the best physical-damage mitigation talents among the three trees, leading it to be the preferred spec for general-purpose tanking. Much like a frost mage, frost death knights focus on using abilities in combinations that grant high critical chance and high critical damage.

Unholy: The unholy tree, like frost, uses many spell-damage-based abilities. However, Unholy focuses more heavily on Area-of-Effect damage, as well as on diseases and damage-over-time effects; these traits give Unholy very steady, reliable threat and damage output. In addition, Unholy Death Knights gain access to a "permanent" ghoul pet, unlike the temporary ghouls summoned by other specs, and Unholy is also capable of summoning a gargoyle to rain destruction on a target for a short duration. Of the three trees, and arguably of all tanking classes, Unholy Death Knights have the best available spell-damage mitigation in the game, making them the prime choice for tanking spellcaster-type mobs and bosses.

Q: How does the Death Knight combat system work?

A: Death Knights were designed with an entirely new combat resource system, Runes and Runic Power. This system can best be described as a cross between the Rage and Combo Point systems.

All Death Knights have six runes, which are shown as symbols below the health bar in the Default UI - 2 blood runes, 2 frost runes, and 2 unholy runes. These Runes are not interchangeable.

Most Death Knight abilities use one, two, or three runes, and require specific types of runes to be used. For example, Blood strike requires one blood rune to use. All rune types have a 10 second cooldown after used before they can be used again.

In addition to the runes as a resource, all abilities which consume one or more runes generate a second resource called "runic power". Runic power works similarly to rage - you can build up a maximum of 100 runic power, and this runic power decays over time while you are out of combat.

Runic Power is used to fuel additional Death Knight abilities and spells. As an example, Death Coil requires 40 runic power to cast, and fires a bolt of shadow energy at the target which either does damage to an enemy, or heals a friendly undead target.

Q: Do Death Knights get their own Mounts?

A: Yes, one of the first quests you do after creating your Death Knight rewards you with the Acherus Deathcharger mount, shown here:

The Acherus Deathcharger is an "epic"-speed mount, and can be obtained at level 55 after the quest is completed.

A second mount is available once the Death Knight has learned the ability to ride flying mounts - the Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade, shown here:

This mount is a flying mount, which costs 900 gold to purchase and is obtained from a vendor inside Acherus: the Ebon Hold. Unlike most mounts, the winged steed "scales" with your riding skill. If you only have normal flying mount skill, the mount flies at 60% speed - but once you train epic flying mount skill, the same mount upgrades to 280% speed.

Q: Where are Death Knight Trainers located?

A: Death Knight Trainers are -only- found inside Acherus: The Ebon Hold. Upon finishing the final quest chain in the death knight starting zone, you learn how to cast a spell called Death Gate ( ). This Death Gate can only be used by Death Knights, and instantly transports you back to Acherus where you can train, repair, unlearn talents, and buy reagents.

Q: What classes will Death Knights be effective against in PvP?

A: The answer here largely depends on which talent tree you choose to pvp with. However, generally speaking, any class which is able to keep out of melee range will be difficult to beat, as Death Knights have few anti-kiting abilities available to them.

Due to the large number of spell interrupts, spell avoidance, and spell mitigation abilities available to most death knights, spellcasters will generally be the easiest classes for you to fight. However, due to the abundance of tanking and physical-mitigation talents available in each tree, melee opponents may be easier depending on your chosen talent spec.

Q: What is the Death Knight's "specialization" in PvP Arenas and Battlegrounds?

A: Death Knights have the unique ability to remove heal-over-time effects from the target, through plague strike and blood plague. Currently, no other class has this capability, which makes Death Knights the perfect counter for classes which rely heavily on heal-over-time effects; primarily this means Restoration Druids.

Like most melee classes, Death Knights have relatively high burst damage output so long as they stay in melee range. So, HoT removal aside, Death Knights can effectively fill the same role as rogues, warriors, retribution paladins, and feral druids in an arena team or battleground match.

Q: What is the fastest leveling spec for Death Knights?

A: This, as well, has been a subject of debate here, and among other forums. Many death knights swear on the self-healing capabilities of Blood spec, which give it extremely low downtime when soloing. However, the high relative damage output provided by Frost and Unholy cause many death knights to prefer those trees, allowing them to kill more quickly.

As always, choose the talent tree which offers the playstyle you enjoy most. You'll level faster if you have fun playing the character.

Q: Do Death Knights have unique skins/appearances?

A: Yes, Death Knights are able to choose unique facial features, skin colors, and hair colors that are unavailable to other classes of the same race.

In addition, Death Knight "voices" are different from the voices used by other characters of the same race, giving them a more haunting tone to their speech.

Q: What color do Death Knights appear in the raid and search windows?

A: Death Knights use a dark red color for their raid and search interface colors.

Q: What is Runeforging?

A: Runeforging is a secondary ability unique to death knights, similar to poison crafting for rogues. Runeforging allows the Death Knight to imbue his or her weapon with permanent enchantments which provide additional damage or tanking benefits - However, runeforged enchantments do not stack with normal weapon enchantments.

Runeforging is acquired through one of the first quests given to you after character creation, though at that point in time you only have a couple different runeforge abilities available. You may -only- put new runeforge effects on your weapon while in close proximity to a runeforge. Runeforges can be found in Acherus: The Ebon Hold, as well as in the shadow vault of icecrown. It is speculated that runeforges may be available inside the raid instance Icecrown Citadel.

Here are the current runeforges available:

One new runeforge is being added in the 3.0.8 Patch:

Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle:
Affixes your rune weapon with a rune that increases defense skill by 25, and total stamina by 2%.

This new rune should greatly alleviate the difficulty in achieving critical strike immunity for Death Knight tanks at level 80.
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PostSubject: Re: Help for beginer DK's   Mon May 18, 2009 10:53 pm

Thanks a lot kerb for posting this. I'm really interested in dark knight when i get lvl 55.
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PostSubject: Re: Help for beginer DK's   Tue May 19, 2009 12:31 am

ya dude anytime, ill keep posting all kinds of stuff i find useful that will help. Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Help for beginer DK's   

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Help for beginer DK's
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